Co-authored with Vivian Lux

Reckless Falls Kiss

Love is reckless.

I’m never going back to my home town, Reckless Falls. I’ve got too much fun to have and too much money to spend to waste time in a small town that never forgot what a piece of shit my father is. He destroyed my life with his affair and I’ll never forgive him for it.

So it makes sense that he would die and leave me his estate, forcing me to go back and sell it.

I didn’t plan on running into Regina Quinn.

We were best friends from the moment we met as kids, but now she’s all grown up. How did I ever think of her as plain and simple?

She’s got a body that makes me want to throw away the life I’ve made in the city and worship her forever. One drunken kiss, and she’s got me wrapped around her finger

I can’t stay here forever, though, no matter how much I want her.

Adam Lane ruined my life.

He ran away with my heart—and my one chance to get out of Reckless Falls—clutched in his fists, and he never looked back. I’ve spent every moment since then rebuilding my life out of the rubble he left it in. It’s been so long. I tell myself I’m over it. And I’m over him.

But when he shows up here for his ten-year reunion, it’s like he never left at all.

I still want his eyes on me. I still want his lips on mine. I’m dying to give myself to him.

But we both know he’s not staying in Reckless Falls. He’s a billionaire with a business empire to run. He’s only going to leave.

I’m not making this mistake again. I will not give in to his kisses, no matter how bruising.

It’s my turn to run.

If only he’d stop chasing me…

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