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I'm speechless and awestruck!

Amazon reviewer

I lost the battle to keep Cannon Hunt out of my movie.
But when he sets his sights on my heart…it means war.

Cannon Hunt’s perfect face and dark, take-me-now eyes have launched a thousand movies. He’s the king of Hollywood romcoms. He’s America’s heartthrob.

And he’s going to ruin my movie.

I’m making a gritty war film, so the last person I need on set is a man who’s been typecast as every famous actress’s love interest.

I don’t need him making my heart race every time our eyes meet.
I don’t need the sound of his voice embedding into my dreams.
And I don’t need his lips on mine.

Even if I could stand Cannon Hunt, he would be utterly forbidden. Falling for him would destroy my career.

So he can burn my skin with those eyes all he wants. He can whisper sweet, scorching nothings into my ear when he thinks nobody can see. He can tear down the walls I’ve built around my heart with his bare hands.

I’m not going down without a fight.

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