Jacob Chambers has two redeeming qualities: he’s breathtakingly sexy, and he’s sensationally rich.

Neither one makes up for the fact that he’s a monster.

As penance for his past, he’ll be the young, beautiful Catherine Bettencourt’s fake fiancé until she can access her trust fund and leave him behind.

She doesn’t need to know how he punishes himself for his shortcomings. He’ll never tell her how he suffers in silence.

Catherine Bettencourt doesn’t want a wedding, thank you very much. Becoming a rich man’s wife can be a deadly affair.

But when mysterious forces threaten the only man who has ever protected her, the choice is clear.

She’ll walk down the aisle with him. She’ll take him as her husband, for richer or for poorer. In sickness and in health.

She’ll never fall in love with Jacob Chambers. Til death do them part.