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It’s gripping, it is raw, it is enticing and it is consuming. This book had me up reading past my bedtime, scraping my jaw off the floor and in desperately need of an ice cold beverage.” ★★★★★ Goodreads

I’m the city’s cruelest billionaire. And I’m the only one who can save her.

In a life like mine, there is only danger dressed up in money and power. I’m a monster in expensive suits and an opulent home. Brigit is an innocent angel with only the clothes on her back.

She’s on the run from a nightmarish arranged marriage, and I’m her only hope in the city. If she works my business she’ll be able to buy herself a new life.

But the moment she steps into my life is the moment she’s trapped forever.

She thinks she can tempt me and slip away like a thief in the night. She thinks I can make her mine and then let her go.

She’s never been so wrong.