He wants her submission. She demands his secrets.

Hades has acres of diamonds and precious little patience for a world that has stolen his compassion. So, when lifegiving medication is withheld from him, Hades steals something more valuable—the daughter of his enemy—and holds her for ransom.

The night Persephone left home, she had just one thing on her mind: freedom. But that was before a bad-tempered billionaire claimed her body as his own. Now at his behest, Persephone is far from content with being a possession. For this, there must be

Determined to know every uncharted inch of her captor, Persephone insists on answers. But even as their defenses topple beneath a wave of desire, Hades’ worst secrets remain buried deep—and his pain threatens to engulf any who dare to unearth it.

KING OF SHADOWS is book 1 in the Hades trilogy by USA Today bestselling author Amelia Wilde. Featuring the dark, brooding god of the Underworld and the woman who captivates him, this angsty romance brings together an age-old legend and unspeakable desires.