A hard wind. Salt on his tongue. The endless night. Those are the things Poseidon wants to find as he climbs to the deck. He doesn’t expect to see a dehydrated young woman clinging to a red-and-white buoy.

He rescues her, but he’s no savior. She’s an heiress. Valuable if he holds her for ransom. And why wouldn’t he? He’s hunted treasure all his life.

Except once he’s had a taste of her, he’s not sure he can give her up.

A modern-day pirate with a dark past.

A fierce young woman with secrets of her own.

And the adventure of a lifetime.

The Pirate is the complete Devil trilogy in one volume.

“The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea is the epic and larger than life romance that is just too impossible to praise with words. Action. Drama. Romance. Suspense. Angst. Steam. All came together impossibly well with Amelia Wilde’s brilliant writing.” – PP’s Bookshelf

“Amelia Wilde has done it again With The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, delivering another amazing read full of dark, mysterious and flawed but beautiful characters.” – Tina, Goodreads reviewer

“Modern day pirate?? Count me in! This was quick, delicious and captivating!!! There is action,danger, sizzling romance and an antihero that will steal your heart!” – Lina the Book Addict

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