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The latest from Amelia Wilde…

Sometimes sparks fly, but they don’t catch fire.

Brett Miller is the one that got away from Addison Gray—the chiseled, muscular, dangerous boy who would show up at her window in the middle of the night and take her to places she never thought she could go.

They were this close to a relationship like history has never seen…until he disappeared, taking his wicked half-smile and hot tattooed body somewhere she couldn’t follow.

Ten years later? He’s back in town, and flames are ready to ignite.

From the moment Brett sets foot in his hometown, Addison is front and center: sexy, independent, and just as captivating as the day he left.

Brett is still every inch the bad boy he used to be, only with an extra edge from his time in the service.

The more she sees, the more she wants…even if he’s all wrong for her. Addison has to choose: give him one more chance and risk another searing heartbreak, or let him go—for good.

This is a full-length standalone bad boy romance with steamy scenes, adult language, and no cliffhanger.

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The Dirty Series
Steamy, spicy contemporary romance featuring hot alpha billionaires
Jax Hunter is an arrogant, selfish pr*ck. He’s got a body made for sin, more money than God, and more women than any one man could possibly handle. He rules his business with an iron fist — displease him once, and you’re out. Women have an expiration date, after all. Until Catherine…
Alexander Caldwell only plays the part of the golden-boy prince in public. It’s not hard to enchant everyone he meets with his unforgettable body and smoldering smile. Behind closed doors? A total a**hole. That is, until he swipes right on stunning Jessica Reeves’ profile.
Christian Pierce revels in his bad boy reputation. Women are drawn to his ripped body and f*ck-me smile like moths to a flame. His one rule? They get three wild nights of passion and then it’s over. No exceptions. Until Quinn Campbell explodes onto the scene and changes everything…
Jett Brandon is an arrogant pr*ck who deserves his bad boy reputation. His hard, chiseled body and cocky smile look like they came right out of a magazine. Angelica Chandler is wrong for him on every level, but neither of them can resist…and Angelica is playing a very dangerous game.

Ace Kingsley has a ripped body, smoldering gray eyes that make panties drop, and a reputation for trouble. Two years away from the New York scene have only made him more irresistible…but he couldn’t care less if anyone wants him. Except Carolyn Banks…

About Amelia Wilde

Amelia Wilde loves a sexy story with plenty of room for romance, and that’s exactly what she writes. She wants nothing but alpha heroes (no doormats here, thank you very much), heroines with spark and drive, and emotional encounters that sizzle.

Dirty Rich was her debut title and features the arrogant, sexy-as-sin Jax Hunter and the woman who turns his world upside down, Catherine Schaffer.

Dirty Royal follows the story of royal bad boy Alexander Caldwell and the red-blooded American girl, Jessica Reeves, who he just can’t leave behind…no matter the consequences.

Dirty Rogue is the suspenseful story of Christian Pierce, a favorite from Dirty Rich and Dirty Royal. But there’s more to Christian than meets the eye…and when his darkest secret is unveiled, it might destroy his hot new relationship with Quinn Campbell.

Dirty Ransom introduces two new characters among some familiar faces, and you’ll be on the edge of your seat until you find out whether Angelica Chandler can save her brother’s life by seducing sexy bad boy Jett Brandon…or whether she’ll be seduced first.

Dirty Rumor concludes the Dirty series with the spellbinding tale of Carolyn Banks, everyone’s best friend next door. But is there more beneath the surface? Learn Carolyn’s secrets as she battles to choose between a dark kind of success and a life of love with Ace Kingsley, the bad boy who has rumors swirling when he returns to New York after a mysterious absence.

Never His begins a hot new series of second chance romances and features reformed bad boy Brett Miller, who finds himself back in his hometown and utterly taken with the girl who was almost his ten years ago.

Look for the next installment, Only His, in December 2016!

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