He has just one task: making her his own.

The day Hercules laid a fist against another man was the day he realized he’d spend forever wanting the one woman he didn’t deserve. Defending her honor came with a price — but with the time served and battle scars endured, absence has only intensified feelings that not even a god could force into submission…

Daisy has long since learned to spill her pain onto a canvas — paintings of the hidden terrors that torture her by night have made her name as an artist. But none of them show the darkness Daisy truly fears: the deepest, unspoken desires of her body.

When their paths cross for the first time since adolescence, Herc is determined to step into the fray and defeat Daisy’s demons. At least, until he can show this dark, tormented goddess exactly what she’s capable of…

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"I'm in love with Jameson Hill..."

When love takes you hostage, what’s the correct response: fight or flight?

Jameson Hill has been a walking crime scene ever since he lost both parents as a teenager. Since then, his life has been one big run-in with the justice system — not that Jameson has ever had any faith in the law. In fact, all he’s ever wanted is to wipe the smile off the face of the thieving judge who stole his family’s inheritance.

So when Jameson gets the chance to seize the most powerful bargaining chip of all, he goes all in.

Law student Lily Hayes is following determinedly in her grandfather’s footsteps — anything to make sure she doesn’t end up like her flaky, “free-spirited” mother. But when she finds herself the captive of a hot, spontaneous, billionaire with a revenge wish, Lily’s good girl intentions go up in flames.

All Jameson has ever wanted was retribution, but every night with this sweetly vulnerable woman is bringing him closer to redemption. And that’s something he just can’t risk, if he’s ever going to set the record straight…

He wants her submission. She demands his secrets.

Hades has acres of diamonds and precious little patience for a world that has stolen his compassion. So, when lifegiving medication is withheld from him, Hades steals something more valuable—the daughter of his enemy—and holds her for ransom.

The night Persephone left home, she had just one thing on her mind: freedom. But that was before a bad-tempered billionaire claimed her body as his own. Now at his behest, Persephone is far from content with being a possession. For this, there must be recompense…

Determined to know every uncharted inch of her captor, Persephone insists on answers. But even as their defenses topple beneath a wave of desire, Hades’ worst secrets remain buried deep—and his pain threatens to engulf any who dare to unearth it.