Richer Than God, Book 3

Darker Than Night

Zeus’s life has gone up in flames. His business is destroyed. Brigit is on the brink of death.

He swore he’d never love again, but it’s too late. Innocent, beautiful Brigit has captured his heart and soul. With the world on fire, he only wants her.

His old life was a cage. For his own sanity, he should walk away.

But choosing Brigit would mean abandoning countless women he’s promised to protect. It would make him the monster he’s tried not to be.

He’d rather die than watch her walk away, but he’ll sacrifice himself to save her. 

The choice is between her freedom and his heart. And it’s not a choice at all.

Darker Than Night is the third book in the Zeus trilogy. Richer Than God and Sweeter Than Sin must be read first.

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