Dirty Billionaires Book 4

Dirty Ransom

I have one thing to trade for my brother’s life: my body.

I’d seduce a hundred billionaires to save my brother. As it turns out, I only have to seduce one.

The criminals threatening my family want secrets. Billionaire Jett Brandon’s secrets, to be specific.

So I’ll get them using the only tactics available to me. My lips. My whispers. My body, offered up to him.

But I won’t fall for him.

I won’t notice the way his eyes burn with desire. I won’t lose myself in his possessive touch. And I won’t melt at the sound of my
name on his lips.

I won’t. I won’t.

Because even if I fall hopelessly in love with Jett Brandon, I can never have him.

How could I?

I’m robbing him blind.

And sooner or later, he’ll catch me red-handed.

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