Owned by the Billionaire

The most powerful man in the city…

Desperate and on the run, Brigit throws herself on the mercy of the cruel billionaire. He’ll help her escape the clutches of her evil father… for a price.

Zeus could have any woman in the city, but he finds himself captivated by this woman. She’s too innocent for him, but he’ll enjoy every sensual lesson.

The dangerous bargain could cost Brigit everything.

It could cost Zeus his heart.

“This book took captivated me from the beginning and kept me turning the pages with my jaw dropping and my mouth drooling. Amelia has such a way with words and making me fall so hard for her men.” – Must Have Book Boyfriends

“Sometimes you come across a book that with its darkness, depravity and undeniable eroticism makes you devour it in the blink of an eye. Brigit and Zeus’ story sucked me in completely, I wasn’t able to tear myself away from it, and each page made me shocked, stunned and thrilled.” – Little Steamy Reads

“5 OMG STARS!! OMG….I am dying right now….give me more. This story had me on the edge of my seat with feels I can’t describe.” – Rhonda, Goodreads reviewer

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